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BABI Barter for Youth Homelessness Rules

1. Eligibility

All people 16 years and older are eligible to participate in the BABI Barter for Youth Homelessness campaign.

2. How to Engage

Participants can engage in the BABI Barter for Youth Homelessness campaign through Facebook and Instagram messaging or direct contact with a BABI representative Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm texting/phoning 0419 776 939 or emailing BABI will endeavour to respond to all correspondence but reserves the right not to if deemed impractical.

3. Agreement to Rules

By engaging in the BABI Barter for Youth Homelessness campaign, participants agree to adhere to rules set out by Facebook and Instagram in using their platforms. BABI reserves the right to refuse offers from participants, remove posts that BABI deems unsuitable for the awareness raising campaign and to trade items on behalf of participants where agreed.

4. Trades

All offers of trade will be assessed by BABI against the objectives of the campaign. As the final item traded will be going in to one of the properties within BABI’s Specialist Youth Homelessness Service, it is unlikely that we will be able to accept trades that require maintenance and/or testing.

All trades will be finalised through agreement of parties involved and where possible, will take place at the BABI office at 34 Bay Terrace Wynnum during business hours. BABI will make all efforts to ensure that items traded are at the standard described by the donor/bartering party.

BABI takes no responsibility if the item received from the trade do not meet the expectations of traders, although will work with participants that are left unsatisfied.

5. Disputes

All disputes will be handled by BABI. In the event that any parties are dissatisfied with the outcome of any dispute, that a copy of BABI’s grievance policy and procedure be issued to the complainant and steps followed accordingly.

6. Barter Period

BABI Barter for Youth Homelessness will commence 9am on Wednesday the 21st of April and will close at 4:30pm Friday the 7th of May. All bartering will be monitored, agreed upon and finalised during business hours 9am – 4:30pm weekdays.

7. Social Media Platforms

The BABI Barter for Youth Homelessness campaign, hosted by Bayside Adolescent Boarding Incorporated is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook or Instagram.

8. Acceptance of and Agreement to All of the Official Rules

By engaging in the BABI Barter for Youth Homelessness campaign, participants are agreeing with all of the rules set out above.