Client Information


BABI will make sure your privacy and confidentiality is protected.  Only information that is necessary and needed to provide you with a service, will be collected from you.

Circumstances will be shared…In serious situations, like a serious concern for your safety or someone else.  BABI may speak to someone outside of our organisation without your permission to help deal with the situation.

You have a  right to access your personal information and the right to have information corrected if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. To access your records speak with a BABI worker.  You may be required to submit your request in writing, using the Client Request to Access Information Form.



All BABI workers and volunteers will respect your privacy by:

  • talking and meeting with you in such a way that your privacy and confidentiality is maintained
  • making sure that no unnecessary physical contact/touch occurs between the worker/volunteer and yourself
  • ensuring that workers/volunteers do not enter any room of your home (except where legally permitted), or touch any private possessions belonging to you, without your express permission or invitation
  • respecting your cultural identity and traditions

The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services has access to client related information in some circumstances to ensure BABI is providing quality services  (eg client complaint or professional conduct).


 Access and Equity

We wish to ensure any services we offer are available to all people.We welcome any support persons.  Where required, staff can arrange access to an appropriate service including interpreting, hearing and vision support.