Client Responsibilities & Rights

I have the Responsibility to:


  • act in a safe manner and support efforts that encourage a safe and friendly environment;
  • treat BABI staff and everyone involved in the service with respect;
  • respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person;
  • be open and willing to participate;
  • express my feelings in a safe and respectful way, including controlling my temper;
  • behave in a way that is free from all forms of bullying and abuse, whether verbal, cyber, physical, emotional or sexual;
  • ensure my behaviour does not  affect the safety or wellbeing of myself or  others at any time; this includes behaviour affected by alcohol or other substances;
  • not participate in illegal activities while on any BABI premises or during any BABI activities;
  • inform BABI if I am unable to  attend an appointment;
  • inform BABI of any change in address or telephone number;  


I have the right to:


  • be and feel safe;
  • be treated with respect and dignity;
  • not be discriminated against;
  • an interpreter or support person;
  • have access to and receive quality services that are  provided by appropriately qualified staff;
  • access information that may affect me;
  • have personal information remain private and confidential except under certain circumstances eg, especially risk  of harm to self or others; and to  provide the best service for clients; and to have circumstances explained to me by BABI staff;
  • be informed about available services and how to access those services;
  • manage my everyday life and make my own choices and decisions;
  • request a meeting with a worker;
  • be listened to and express my opinion;
  • speak out if I have any concerns;
  • approach a BABI staff member of my choice if I have any complaints, and have my complaint heard and dealt with fairly, without fear of it affecting decisions related to the assistance I receive;
  • see personal records (as per privacy legislation);
  • participate in decision-making about BABI services  e.g. forums, surveys.


Situations where BABI may not be able to provide you with services:


  • you do not meet our programs eligibility criteria
  • our programs are at capacity
  • our program is not able to meet your needs/goals
  • another service provider would better suit your needs/goals
  • you have not acted according to your ‘Responsibilities’  (as stated above)
  • accessing our programs could be unsafe or  detrimental to you or other service users


 Any breach will be dealt with fairly and in line with BABI’s values and policies and procedures. Please feel free to Contact Us or Make a Complaint if you are unhappy with an outcome!