Parenting Teenagers Program

The Parenting & Enjoying Teenagers program is a relaxed, informative and enjoyable 6 week group for the parents/carers of teens. The program runs numerous times throughout the year and is delivered in both Wynnum and the Redlands.

This year BABI will be celebrating 30 Years of delivering this program in the local community

 Program content includes:

  • understanding teenagers and their developing brain
  • the importance of developing a quality relationship and positive attachment with teens
  • Setting limits and boundaries
  • effective communication skills and engaging in active listening,
  • utilising constructive problem solving skills, consequences and rewards
  • managing anger (theirs and yours),
  • promoting parent’s self-care,
  • Exploring a range of teen hot topics including: sex, drugs, alcohol, cyber safety, driving to name a few.

Program Cost: $60 per individual ; $90 a couple (negotiable in circumstances – please ask)


“I have a different outlook on my children, and other tools in my parenting belt”

“This course saved my relationships with my kids and my-self and gave me opportunities for new friendships”

“It has helped me to keep my expectations realistic to contribute toward a more positive, less aggressive/toxic/negative household “.


For further information about the next group and to book your place in the Parenting & Enjoying Teenagers Program, please contact BABI on 3393 4176 or complete the following form.