Independent Units

BABI has eight independent studio units for young people 17-21 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

Tenants in our Shared House who have been working with us for a while and there have been no major tenancy issues will be offered a vacancy at the units first. There will be time that this does not happen and we will offer a vacancy to non-tenants based on a needs basis.

Tenants are offered a 12 week probationary lease initially. After 12 weeks leases are offered on a needs basis for a total period up to 12 months. There are circumstances where leases can be negotiated to be periodically extended for short time frames.

What does independent living look like?

Each tenant has their own unit—this is a ‘studio-style’ unit with an enclosed bathroom. There is external and onsite casework support provided to all tenants to support independent living and the development of skills required to maintain alternative long term accommodation.

“Sometimes you need a safe place to stay in the short-term… whilst work out what your options are for the long-term!”

 What to expect – Unit Rules


· Bin Roster: every Sunday afternoon tenants take all the wheelie bins out to the footpath to be emptied by the rubbish truck Monday morning.  You need to bring the bins back in afterwards.  The name of the person on the bin roster will be displayed on the Unit 1 window.

· Units Meetings: once a month ALL tenants and the caseworker meet to talk about what is working, and what isn’t.

· Case-worker: every tenant has a case-worker.  They can help you with housing, education, employment or personal issues.  They can also help you learn how to cook, clean, shop, budget—or talk to your neighbours about things that annoy you!

· Smoking: there’s no smoking in your unit—please smoke outside.  Put your butts in the tray and clear the tray out regularly!

· Alcohol: no drinking alcohol or holding opened bottles in the communal areas.

· Communal area: please keep the noise down, especially after 9pm and keep this area clean.  No glass bottles in this area.

· Guests: there’s no limit on the number of guests as long as you are being quiet and respectful.  You are responsible for anything your guests do—including any rules they break.

· Overnight guests: you can have one guest at a time stay the night but only for two nights a week maximum.  If your guest is there after 11pm we class them as an ‘overnight guest’.

· Children: the units are not designed for small children so we ask tenants to avoid having children and babies at the units.

· Pets: No tenants are to have pets at the units.