Shared Housing

What does a shared house look like?

Our Shared Housing is the fastest entry point into our Supported accommodation program! Each share house has three bedrooms, so you will be living with two other young people.

You will have your own bedroom, but you will need to share the bathroom, kitchen and living areas.  There is very little furniture in you’re bedroom but the rest of the house is fully furnished.

There is an adult caretaker who lives in a separate section of the house in their own self-contained area.  They are there to support you if you need it.  They live on-site.

What to expect?

Living in a sharehouse with strangers can be awkward—no matter how old you are!

How does BABI make it less challenging?

· Chores Roster: everyone knows what they need to do when.  This keeps the house clean and tidy.

· Housemeetings: every week the housemates, the caretaker and the caseworker meet to talk about what is working, and what isn’t.  We can help you talk to your housemates if something is really annoying you

· Case-worker: every tenant has a case-worker.  They can help you with     housing, education, employment or personal issues.  They can also help you learn how to cook, clean, shop, budget—or talk to your house mates about things that annoy you

· Care-taker: there are live-in, on-site caretakers at both properties

· Rules: there are set rules around visitors

If things aren’t working out the case-worker will:

· Talk to you and try and sort it out

· Work with you around ways of fixing the problem

· Give you verbal or written warnings

· Arrange a Tenancy Review Meeting with you, the case-worker and the program coordinator

· Support you to make a planned transition into alternative accommodation.