Inspections, Maintenance & Pets


From time to time we will need to access your property for Formal Inspections.  You will receive a Notice of Inspection by mail.  This will tell you what day and what time we are coming out to inspect the property.


If there are any issues with your property please complete an online request, let your caseworker know or tell us at a house-meeting.  If the matter is urgent you can talk to the caretaker or call the Property Worker (this phone will be answered Mon-Thurs, 9am-4pm—but you can leave a message).

BABI does not manage maintenance—we refer this back to the Department of Housing.  The call centre will prioritise requests and respond within a set timeframe. If you need something repaired urgently you can call the Department Call Centre.  Please also call the BABI “Emergency Phone” so we have a record of your request.

 The Department of Housing will NOT repair anything that is “tenant damage”  If this occurs BABI will fix it and then send you the bill.


No pets of any kind are allowed in your property. Please talk to your caseworker if you have any questions or concerns regarding our pet policy.