As a BABI Tenant

BABI’s goal is to work with you, not to do things “to you” or “for you”.  You direct the sort of the work you do with the case-worker and you get to decide how much and how fast you work. However maintaining your tenancy is a priority and there are some basics in doing so.

The main things you need to do as a tenant are:

  • Pay rent on time;
  • Not damage the property;
  • Not disturb your neighbours;
  • Meet supports as defined in the special terms of your tenancy agreement.

We will help you identify issues and find solutions.  We will help you link into specialist services that might be able to help you. Support is available so please set some goals you would like to work towards in the next six months, or issues you would like to address to assist you in moving forward.

Rent and Bond:

We use the same rent calculation tool as the Department: the Community Housing Rent Calculation Tool.  This means your rent is 25% of the assessable income for your household plus any rent assistance.

You will need to provide us at the allocation of a property with:

  • Evidence of your income (a Centrelink statement and/or pay slips from the last six weeks)
  • Two weeks advance rent when you start your lease and consent for Centrepay to begin,  as this our preferred method of payment. You can pay in cash to the office (Mon-Thurs) or direct debit. 
  • Bond is 4 weeks rent.  You can set up a payment plan to cover this or you can see if you are eligible for a Department of Housing Bond Loan.

The Property Worker can answer any questions you have about your rent or bond.


There will be times when we will need to access your property for a Formal Inspection as per RTA guidelines and special terms set out in your tenancy agreement. You will receive a Notice of Inspection by mail.  This will tell you what day and what time we are coming out to inspect the property.  This inspection will ensure you are holding up your end of the Tenancy Agreement.  This includes taking care of the property, keeping it clean and not damaging the property.

You might like to:

· Be at the house when we have the inspection—you don’t have to be, but some people like to be there

· Do a bit of a spring clean and de-clutter

Any issues we have with the way you are caring for the property will be addressed with you and explained fully.



BABI does not manage maintenance—we refer this back to the Department of Housing.  The call center will prioritise requests and respond within a set time frame. If there are any issues with your property please call us straight away.

The BEST person to call is the Property Worker during office hours or complete your request maintenance online. In the event of an after hours maintenance emergency please contact the BABI “On-call Phone” so we have a record of your request.

If you need something repaired urgently you can call the Department Call Centre on 1800 808 107.

Please be advised the Department of Housing will NOT repair anything that is “tenant damage”  If this occurs BABI will fix it and then send you the bill.


No pets of any kind are allowed in your property unless you have approval.  If you have pets before you move in please TELL us ASAP.  If you want to keep a pet, please request this information regarding the Pet Policy from your caseworker.