LINX Youth Space

LINX Youth Space is a place for young people (12-25) of Wynnum/Manly to Chill Out, participate in activities and workshops, get information on other services regarding art, music projects, and competitions, and access resources.

Drop-in centre is open three afternoons a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm – 5:30pm.

centerSo what is Drop In, and what can you do there?

Drop-In is many things, but basically it’s about us being available to you for anything you need.

Drop-In is supervised socialising.  Our Youth Worker runs it and you can hang out and chat, jump on computer, play the Playstation, have a game of chess or play some other board game, do some art, look for a job, type up a resume or cover letter, help us out around the organisation if you’re up for it, or get help for any issue you’re encountering. It’s a relaxed, safe environment for you. So come check it out and join the LINX Crew 🙂

LINX Youth Space offers:

  • Safe place (free from discrimination and judgment) to hang out and join in positive activities and projects.
  • Opportunities for social interaction and social development.
  • Connecting youth to their community, positive role models.
  • Opportunities for positive engagement and personal development.
  • Opportunities for participation in sports and recreational activities
  • Provision of information and referral to other services, based on the individual needs of young people.
  • Opportunities for participation in decision-making process and discussions around issues relevant to young people and their lives.
  • Meaningful interactions and relationship building, building on existing support networks.

The space provides facilities to meet for organised activities and resources to help young people get together, get involved, get heard and get active in the life of their community. It also provides onsite support from staff that can help you plan your ideas and connect to others that can help.

LINX Youth Space also provides access to computers, arts and crafts resources, board games etc..

Centrelink provide an outreach to our service every fortnight.  Every second Wednesday Centrelink worker/s turn up at the Youth Space for an hour (or more if needed) to be a more accessible point of contact for young people who need assistance. Some people find it pretty intimidating to go into a Centrelink Office, which is why Centrelink provide this service to us and other community organisations around the country.

For more info about LINX Youth Space contact our Team on 3393 4176 or email

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