Supported Housing

“It can take more than just a roof to solve homelessness.  Having somewhere safe to live is the most important first step.  Being homeless can make you feel very small, vulnerable, dis-empowered and alone. It can make you feel like you have no control over your world.” 

centerBABI is a medium transitional supported accommodation service offered to young people and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

We provide:

  • Information & Referral
  • Case-Management & Support
  • Tenancy Management

Included in these services are opportunities for young people to develop their personal resources enabling them to function in their community with increased skills for living and greater independence.  BABI assists young people in our service through providing extensive casework and service linking to address their need for ongoing support.

The funding is received from the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy and BABI delivers its service according to the Departments Social Housing Program specifications.


To apply for the following various housing options with BABI you must meet the eligibility criteria:

Shared Housing – Young people aged 16-21. This is the fastest entry point into the supported accommodation program.

Independent Units – Young people aged 17-21. When there is a vacancy we consider the tenants in our two share houses first.

CAP Family – Young Parent/Family aged 16-24 with a child in your care or part of a re-unification plan. This property is used as a stepping stone into the Same House Different Landlord Program.

Same House Different Landlord (SHDL) Program Young people aged 16-21 and Young Parent/Family aged 16-24 with a child.

When applying for supported accommodation through BABI we need you to:

  • Contact us directly and complete our intake process which includes listing you on the Queensland Housing Information Platform (this is used to assess your level of need and make referrals to current vacancies),
  • During the intake process we will assess your needs and support you by sourcing appropriate accommodation options,
  • Your allocated caseworker will request attend an appointment to complete an application for BABI housing and/or assist you to complete Department of Housing application.

Our goal is to help you find something more permanent…

BABI offers Transitional housing which is a medium term accommodation option. Most tenants stay up to a period of 12 months but are encouraged and supported by a caseworker to source suitable alternatives. We work with you around what your options are and what you would like to do next.

When housed through a supported accommodation provider we need you to:

  • Work with us to make an appointment time that works for both  you and the case-worker,
  • Attend appointments,
  • Call us or text us if you can’t make a meeting time and make a new appointment time that works better.

If you’re not keen on meeting with your case-worker, maybe this is not the next accommodation for you?  We can help you find somewhere else that works better for you!

Different people need different degrees of assistance.

From intake you will be allocated a Caseworker who will work closely with you to address some of the above issues and they will be a valuable resource for any further questions you may have about the program.

What support you need will depend on:

  • What you want to achieve in your time at BABI
  • What your goals are
  • What challenges you’re facing at the moment
  • Whether these challenges are putting your tenancy at risk

You might like support around:

  • Accessing long term, independent accommodation
  • Independent Living Skills Development
  • Budgeting
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Managing friends and visitors
  • Meeting responsibilities of being a Tenant

Client guided support including:

  • General and Mental Health (finding doctors, getting to appointments)
  • Relationship issues (family, partner)
  • Self-care (caring for yourself as well as others)
  • Employment and Training (making decisions about your future, finding work, studying)
  • Parenting or pregnancy support, including Day-care/primary school enrolment
  • Help with Identification or paperwork
  • Social or cultural connections
  • Getting a Learners
  • Legal issues

All our work is to help you get to a place where you feel safe, stable and able to take care of your own stuff. We have various supported accommodation options for young people and young families where a caseworker will work closely with you is to help you to reach a point where you no longer need support from BABI.

* Please Note: We will never have enough places for everyone. If we can’t directly accommodate you we may be able to refer you to another service. We can also support you whilst you wait for a vacancy with us. Only 10% of people who request assistance through BABI will be housed.

Please contact BABI on 3393 4176 to get more information on how to apply for BABI housing.