Youth Voice

The Youth Voice Team (in consultation with young people) develop programs which are hosted in our LinX Youth Space.

Youth Voice aims to keep the issues of local young people heard and visible. To be involved in our Youth Voice Committee you must be between 12 – 25 years of age and living in the Wynnum/Manly area or the surrounding region.

centerYoung people are invited to:

  • Share their ideas
  • Organise cool youth and community events in Wynnum/Manly (Bayside) area Including National Youth Week event and Bay Wave Youth and Community Festival.
  • Promote youth activities and workshops in the local community
  • Have a Voice on issues of concern
  • Talk to other young people to get feedback about services provided to them.
  • Express individuality and diversity
  • Celebrate young people’s contribution to the Community

Join our team and help us organize youth workshops/events and festivals which are based on your needs and needs of all young people living in Wynnum/Manly. Contact us if you are interested in assisting in planning, development and implementation of youth activities and local community projects.

For more info on activities and workshops happening in the Youth Space or if you would like a chance to exhibit your work, then get connected and contact the Youth Worker at BABI on 3393 4176 or email us on or use the form below